The Best Cheap Sewing Machines

There are plenty of excellent cheap sewing machines on the market that are well made and reliable according to internet-wide user reviews.  Recommended machines in this article are priced less than $200 on Amazon, have more than 50 reviews and have a 4 to 5 star rating.

The following machines from Brother and Singer are all popular buys and great for general sewing or décor applications. The number of built-in stitches, types of features and included accessories will differ from machine to machine, so it is important to read the descriptions carefully in deciding which one is best for you. If you do thorough research, you’re more likely to be happy with your purchase.

For instance if you are a beginner quilter, note the machines that have a Q which indicates user comments regarding ease of quilting. Also take note of the shipping weight of the machine on Amazon – this will give you some idea of how heavy the machine is. If it is 16 pounds or less, it’s probably not heavy enough to handle the bulk of a quilt as the weight will pull the machine around and will affect your stitch integrity.

Many of the selections are very close in description in which case, the look of the machine might have a certain appeal.  An example would be the Brother XL2610 which has a hot pink panel on it. Some users chose this model not only because it’s a great machine, but because it had pink on it.

You may prefer a mechanical machine over a computerized one or a machine with tons of stitches to play around with.  Whatever your preferences, chances are you’ll find something from the following cheap sewing machines lists that will suit you.

Cheap Sewing Machines from Brother

B = Okay for beginners  C = Computerized  L = Less than $100 Q = Quilt capable

Machine # of Reviews 5 Star Rating Notes
Brother CS6000I 1714+ 4.5 B,C,Q
Brother XL2600I 700+ 4.5 B,L
Brother LS2125I 400+ 4.3 B,L
Brother ES2000 80+ 4 B,C
Brother XL-3750 180+ 4.2 B,Q
Brother XL2610 100+ 4.5 B
Brother XR9500 125+ 4.5 B,C,Q
Brother CP7500 75+ 4.7 B,C,Q
Brother CS5055 70+ 4.6 B,C
Brother CE7070 75+ 4.7 B,C

Cheap Sewing Machines from Singer

B = Okay for beginners  C = Computerized  L = Less than $100 Q = Quilt capable

Machine # of Reviews 5 Star Rating Notes
Singer 1507 105+ 4.2 B,L
Singer 4411 240+ 4.2 B
Singer 7258 295+ 4.3 B,C,Q
Singer 2259 110+ 4.2 B,L
Singer 7256 140+ 4.5 B,C

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